Platypus Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)Test Accessories

DAF Test Accessories
DAF Test Accessories
DAF Test Accessories

Advantages with DAF:

  • appropriate process for removing difficult to settle light particles including algae, colloids and finely divided particulates
  • colder water applications assist the flotation process
  • less coagulant and shorter flocculation times are required relative to sedimentation
  • higher surface loadings than simple or solids contact mode sedimentation processes
  • robust process relatively tolerant of variable raw water and chemical pre-treatment conditions

Platypus DAF Test Accessories provide pilot-scale hardware to assess and identify best practice DAF treatment:

  • evaluation of DAF process suitability and appropriate design parameters for new plant
  • optimization of operational DAF plant subnatant quality outcomes
  • conjunctive compatibility with Platypus also other make Jar Tester dimensions permitting
  • means to assess ‘float’ cohesion and stability
  • means to assess saturated water ‘recycle’ rates
  • means to assess Saturator operating pressures
  • plant operation, cost management and QA procedures - essential tool

Platypus DAF Jar Tester Accessories package:

1 x 2L Saturator with level sight tube, air pressure regulator and gauge, fill facilities, air diffuser and static air bleed facility
4 x 2L Jar DAF assemblies including dispersers and subnatant sample taps
1 x 4 port distribution manifold tubing with quick disconnect (air in/Saturator out) and push-in fittings

2L DAF Jar contents under flotation

Saturator air pressure regulator with quick connect airline inlet fitting

4 port “recycle” air saturated water distribution manifold with quarter turn station isolators

Platypus DAF Saturator
Vessel Assembly

Oil Free Air Compressor - Compact benchtop convenience - Whisper quiet operation
Part No. PC120-4

Platypus DAF Test Accessories Carry Case
Internal foam cradle protection
Heavy duty wheels
Part No. 4GSATCC

Saturator Air Bleed Valve Featutre

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